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Delivering powerful technology solutions to get your buisiness results


IT Recycling

GZN takes pride in IT recycling for businesses of any size. We can customize profit sharing solutions, purchase any amount of equipment outright, or completely recycle all unwanted items collected. We also have the ability to perform large electronics pickups from offices, warehouses, schools, hospitals and much more, located in Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York. Our staff can remove equipment from offices, data rooms and loading docks. Our goal is to make the process of recycling your products smooth and efficient. 


Wholesale Computers

Here at GZN, we continually stock a large number of computers at all times. We offer new, used, and refurbished technology products to our clients. We can design a technological solution to fit any organizations needs via our distribution network. Throughout the year, our inventory constantly and consistently changes. If there is a certain product you are looking for, chances are we carry it. Please feel free to contact a sales representative.


Computer Refurbishment

GZN is well known for buying excess inventory. We are a small company focused on the customization of our services for our clients. For that reason, we are constantly refining our disposal procedures. We have full capabilities to refurbish old, broken, and unwanted inventory, resulting in a secondary life to old components of any age. In many instances, we are able to rebuild old computers and donate them to schools and organizations that can't afford to purchase their own.


Equipment Auditing

Equipment auditing is required by leasing companies and varies per contract. This process can be both expensive and time consuming. GZN Technology has the resources and expertise to professionally audit any computer equipment, leaving your organization worry-free.

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