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Warehouse & Distribution

Dedicate More Time and Energy To Your Business

How does GZN Warehousing and Fufilment work?

Depend on GZN to get the job done right. Our staff provides a variety of warehousing and distribution functions to ensure you have what you need, when you need it. Whether you’re shipping to customers or employees in one location or many, or maintaining a technology inventory that requires tracking and refurbishment, GZN is equipped to manage your processes seamlessly.

Your GZN Virtual Warehouse & Distribution solution is customized specifically to help you meet your needs and achieve your goals. We’ll adjust the services provided and associated fees upward or downward each month, depending on your activity, to be as cost-efficient as possible. With a month-to-month engagement, this is an ideal solution for small businesses and enterprise-level companies alike.


Which services are available through the Warehousing and Fulfillment solutions?

Simplify your work, and let us handle the heavy lifting. No need to secure your own storage, no need to purchase equipment or hire and manage staff. We’ve got it covered, for a portion of what it would cost to manage these operations on your own.

Reserve storage space with GZN from 50 square feet to 5,000 square feet; we’ll handle the shipping and receiving. If you’re maintaining your tech inventory with us, our trained technicians will assemble, load, test, and configure anything. No matter what, you’ll work confidently knowing we’re managing your stock - the way you want - at every step.


Pickup, packing and shipping        


Staging and consolidation

Break bulk

Parcel and palletized distribution

Short- and long-term

24-hour surveillance



Flex programs

Inventory Management

Customized Web portal

 Serial number tracking

 Stock replenishment

 Inspection and classification


 Lease returns

 Warranty enhancement

 Kit and assembly

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